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Proton Beams – The Innovative Successful Cancer Therapy

Proton therapy is a significant, scientifically renowned, medical-technological innovation in modern radiation therapy which achieves optimum therapeutical results in a great number of cancer patients.

Due to specific physical properties, a proton beam can be defined as regards its length. At the same time it releases the major share of its energy at a defined end of its beam – inside a tumour. As opposed to X-ray radiation, healthy tissue in front of a tumour is hardly affected and sensitive organs behind a tumour are spared.

Proton therapy is a medical, ethical and social quantum leap in cancer treatment.

The accelerator generates protons with 60 % of speed of light as a well-bundled beam which can be precisely aimed at a specially determined spot in the tumour tissue.

The gap between low proton therapy capacities in Germany and the great number of cancer patients for whom proton therapy is a suitable therapy, is wide.