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The roots of Ed. Züblin AG are in Strasbourg/Alsace, where the company was founded in 1898 by the Swiss engineer Eduard Züblin. Today, Züblin has its headquarters in Stuttgart, and it is one of the leading German construction companies with its approx. 13,000 employees and an annual construction capacity of about 2.4 billion Euros.

For more than 110 years now, the company realized demanding and distinguished projects nationwide and international, and is the Number One in German structural engineering. Its scope of services includes all construction-relevant responsibilities – from complex turn-key completion to engineering, bridge and tunnel construction to Public Private Partnership.

Partnership-based cooperation with contractors and sub-contractors is of great significance for Züblin when implementing superstructure building projects. Basing on Züblin teamconcept, the company has a well-proven partnering model ready for approx. 15 years now which, beside high quality standards, guarantees cost and schedule security at an early stage. This procedure is also being applied to the Leipzig project.

Among Züblin’s current prominent superstructure projects in Germany are among others the Dancing Towers in Hamburg, the Taunus Tower and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, the Vodafone Campus in Dusseldorf, the Forum Mittelrhein Koblenz as well as the „Milaneo“ and „Think K“ in Stuttgart. Züblin is member of the Austrian association of companies, STRABAG SE, one of the biggest European construction companies.

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The Varian will manufacture and install the proton technology and take care of maintenance in the later clinical operation in a service contract.



Siemens will deliver an innovative diagnostic technology, install it and support this technology in a service contract in the later clinical operation.


Cancer Center Germany

The Cancer Center Germany is a cooperating partner of the proton therapy centre. It offers a number of services in the areas of medical-therapeutical counselling, clinical-organizational issues, marketing and staff management.

The Cancer Center Germany implements an interdisciplinary and multimodal system of holistic and comprehensive patient treatment aiming at application of all therapeutical options during treatment period which serve optimum care for patients.

Cancer Center offers services in the following focus areas:

– Application of interdisciplinary and multimodal treatment system
– Application of proton therapy for optimum treatment of patients according to internationally recognized medical-therapeutical standards
– Quality control of medical treatment
– Safeguarding of clinical result quality basing on registers and studies
– Creation of centre-internal guidelines for individual oncologic diseases
– Establishment of a uniform tumour documentation system (OWS, ODSEASY)
– Attendance of tumour boards
– Continuation and implementation of research projects (accompanying clinical research, treatment research, technology research, participation in international research projects)
– Selection of qualified staff
– Organization of further training courses
– Creation of international cooperation
– International patient’s acquisition

Institut für Unternehmensforschung und Unternehmensführung an der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg e.V. (ifu)

PTOC has closed a cooperating agreement with ifu [= Institute for Company Research and Company Management at the Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg e. V. [registered association]]. Ifu with its scientific competence will be in charge of treatment research in the proton therapy centre.