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Our Patients Are the Focus of Our Work

The centre of all our doings and work is the patient. The entire complex operating performance of the proton therapy centre aims at securing a high level of medical-therapeutical treatment. Objective of proton therapy is to heal more ill people in a sustainable manner, and in shorter time and with fewer side effects. All our efforts are aimed at this goal.


Proton Therapy Is an Innovative Medical High Technology against Cancer

We understand proton therapy as a therapy offer in the context of diverse therapies against cancer which enables optimum treatment for a great number of cancer patients.


Taking-on of Personal Responsibility

Each individual shall account for its own scope of responsibility by high technical competence, readiness to perform, constructive actions and loyalty. Accepting responsibility for actions and deeds is the basis of any successful activity.


We Want To Be A Learning Company

We have to be able to implement and include in clinical processes new knowledge, findings and insights for optimum therapeutical treatment of our patients. In order to create a high level of qualification of staff, we will continuously conduct qualification courses required for a relevant group of staff.


Integration of Therapy, Research and Development

PTOC will conduct medical-therapeutical treatment, research and development all under one roof.


Cooperating Partners

We wish to ensure a high level of partnership-based constructive relations with our cooperating partners (clinical partners, specialist physicians, self-help groups, medical associations, research facilities).


Open Communication

PTOC will maintain open communication. This includes communication among employees as well as public presentation of work results and exchange of ideas and experience with our cooperating partners.


Complex Management

The complex management of operational overall processes shall be designed in a way that all areas and departments are interlinked in various forms (medical-therapeutical treatment, operational organization, securing of economic efficiency, research and development, quality of functionality of medical technology, high level of staff qualification, and sound marketing), and are aligned in an optimum manner and work on the highest possible level of quality.


Benchmark Function

It is our goal to realize benchmark functions in all areas.