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Proton Therapy Operating Company (PTOC) is in charge of the project investment –construction of the proton therapy centre plus guest house in Leipzig Markranstädt.

This project investment shall be carried out in accordance with international standards and norms of the industry. Schenk Consulting Investment Management performs complex investment management on behalf of PTOC. This process includes project development, turn-key completion of the proton therapy centre plus guest house, and implementing of a capable operating company.

In cooperation with the Cancer Center Germany, we will implement a complex interdisciplinary and multi-modal medical-therapeutical concept in modern oncology.

For a great number of cancer patients proton therapy is an optimum therapy option. Proton technology has proven its reliability in the past 30 years of clinical application.

Following the ethical approach of this overall project, the proton therapy centre in Leipzig Markranstädt has been designed right from the beginning as a European Consultation Centre for proton therapy. Proton therapy centre is meant to be an open house, welcoming initiatives aiming at building a proton therapy centre. We will be happy to share our experience.